Get Your Act Together

Everyone knows that an online presence
is necessary if you’re doing business
or have something to share.

Act Up Media is committed to
helping you out.

About Act Up Media

We are proud of our 25 years of experience designing and developing websites.

In the theme of our company name we enjoy working with businesses, organizations and projects that aim to Act Up and work to better the environment, lives of people and matters critical to the world around us.


Needing a new website or have your existing one updated and maintained?

We work with small, large and even non-profit clients in designing and developing their website.


Online sales and services are a part of many businesses today. We use WooCommerce, an industry standard in ecommerce, to make those sales possible.


We have worked with many clients over the years and these are just a few of them.

Patriot Wellness Solutions

Non-profit organization offering healthcare opportunities to Veterans and First Responders.

  • Client: Patriot Wellness Solutions
  • Task: Website Design/Development
  • Website:

Human Supports

Provider of integrated services to community members needing counseling, medication management, and drug/alcohol treatment.

Pet Door USA

Professional pet door installation franchise company offering their services nationwide.

  • Client: Pet Door USA
  • Task: Website Design/Development
  • Website:

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Based in Boise, Idaho but we work with anyone from anywhere.

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